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The musical bible for beginners and advanced

The first in Poland comprehensive academic textbook on the music market


This book was written for music lovers by music lovers. The author is Stanisław Trzciński, a doctor of cultural sciences and a researcher at the SWPS University, who has been co-creating the Polish music industry for 30 years.

What do we listen to and how have we changed as listeners in recent years?

What are the new players on the music market in the age of digitization?

How algorithms and playlists work on streaming services?
Will artificial intelligence revolutionize the music industry?

How to be successful as a creator, artist, manager and publisher?

Why Elon Musk can be important to music listeners?
Will machines replace creators and artists?
What will virtual concerts look like?


In addition:

Universal, Sony and Warner vs. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, TikTok and Amazon

interviews with the most important people of the Polish music industry

reflections on culture, emotions in music and the human brain

the music market as an important sector of the creative economy

music marketing in advertisements and public space

artist-brands, promotion and music branding in the digital age

power of Spotify vs. other websites, platforms and applications

the phonographic, publishing and concert industries

US, European and Asian market data

Live Nation and Ticketmaster vs. rest of the world

proposal of a new typology of nanolisteners

legal problems on the labor market of artists in the era of technological revolution

large acquisitions of music catalogs by investment funds vs. NFT

detailed presentation of the results of four large studies of music consumers in Poland (quantitative and qualitative)

bonus for readers: QR codes for selected research and for listening to music selected by the author of the book, including Positive Vibrations vol. 12 and over 24 hours of music


The first in Central Europe academic textbook on the music market for students of humanities faculties: cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, economics, musicology, psychology. A must-read for music enthusiasts, creators, artists, debutants, managers and employees of the music industry, scientists and researchers, journalists, entrepreneurs, specialists in advertising, marketing and trade.


The publication was recognized by PWN Scientific Publishing House as the best-selling book of September "Bestseller Top 1" and as the "book of October", while Stanisław Trzciński was chosen in PWN bookstores as the "author of the week" from December 11 to 17, 2023.


About the author

Stanisław Trzciński – cultural expert, economist and publicist. Doctor of humanities in the discipline of culture and religion. Member of the Creative Economy Research Center and academic teacher at SWPS University and Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. Winner of the ZAiKS Special Award in 2022 for many years of contribution to the development of Polish culture.


In 2023, he received the distinction of the Rector of the SWPS University for his doctoral dissertation. Author of popular science and scientific publications on pop culture, creative sectors and music marketing. He studies the Polish music market and music audience.


Entrepreneur, culture manager, concert promoter, publisher and music journalist. CEO of STX Music Solutions, STX Records and co-owner of STX Jamboree. Founder of (MyPlaylist).


A&R Director of Universal Music Polska (1995-2000). Author and publisher of the Golden Disc series of albums: Positive Vibrations, Pinadolada, Pepper and Vanilla and Sygnowane Fabryka Trzciny.


Producer of mass events and music festivals. Organizer of the Fryderyk awards gala on TVP2 (2007-2018) and concerts of Polish and foreign artists, e.g. Kylie Minogue, Macy Gray, Seal, Grace Jones, Kool & The Gang, Woody Allen, Al Di Meola, Scorpions, ZAZ, Gregory Porter and Goran Bregovic.


Member of the Association of Authors ZAiKS and the ZPAV Phonographic Academy. Founder of the Surprise Foundation. He co-founded the Fabryka Trzciny Art Center. Former manager of Anna Maria Jopek. A shareholder of the Filtry club in Warsaw. Author of music broadcasts on Radio PiN and Radiospace.


Contact with the author in matters related to research, curatorial and production projects, as well as consulting and public performances is possible via STX Music Solutions (


Review excerpts

It is the most extensive and comprehensive publication devoted to the Polish music market and the models of music reception in Poland. It takes a lot of courage to focus analytical effort on phenomena such as the use of artificial intelligence in music. Trzciński took this risk.

dr hab. Miroslaw Pęczak, prof. University of Warsaw

A good, reliable and professional settlement with the past to reach what will be...

Kayah, singer and author

Don't be afraid of the weight of this book. It reads well, lightly and quickly, almost like a newspaper article. You don't have to be a scientist or a musician to understand this book.

Wojtek Sokół, rapper and music publisher

This is unique knowledge - years of experience, research, behind-the-scenes conversations and a bold, substantive look into the future!

Jan Borysewicz, musician and author

The author shows us not only the current state of the music market in Poland, but also gives us an idea of the changes that are just beginning.

dr hab. Patryk Gałuszka, prof. University of Lodz

Moreover, Trzciński perfectly selected the cover (and visionary) graphics of Jan Lenica, previously accompanying the theatrical "Wozzeck" and "Mała Apocalypse" by Konwicki. Here we are also dealing with a kind of apocalypse. 

Bartek Chaciński, Polityka weekly

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